Release the Ball and Chain Part 1

Steps to overcome past failures and more rapidly toward your goals of making money online. No matter how many times you failed you have a chance to today to change your life forever!

An Overview Of Internet Marketing For Small Business

A guide to internet marketing for small businesses or consultants providing internet marketing services to small businesses. The beauty of email lists, getting listed in local search engines, the benefits of web directories and advertising online are some of the aspects to consider.

Business Strategy: Learn It Online, Apply It Offline

I have written many, many posts of how to translate your offline consumer experiences to your online channels. Many people have spent hours and hours of research to learn how to make their online channels reinforce their offline business strategy.

Marketing On The Internet – How To Improve Website Traffic To Make Online Money

You have built a website and you have tweaked and re-tweaked it, but is anyone visiting it? We all know you can have the best website on the Internet but if no one knows about it, very little will happen. Here are some actions you can take to improve website traffic.

A Simple Blueprint to Earn Money Online

Earning money online is easy for a few but in general is quite hard to achieve for the majority of people. Although adverts and many techniques give the impression that doing so is just a walk in the park, in reality this could be quite tedious and frustrating. However this could only be achieved if one has roadmap or a blueprint to earn money online.

3 Ways to Publish Your First Printed Book

Do you have a manuscript you’d like to publish? With Print on Demand (POD), Amazon.com, and eReaders like Kindle, Nook, and iPads it’s easier and less expensive than ever to publish and deliver books to readers. Here are three ways to publish a printed book.

The Marketing Channel in Everyone’s Pocket

The evolution of information technology has come to touch the masses with superb application of mobile contacts and websites. This global mobile communication scheme reveals the newest way to connect with other people.

Ok, Google Bought Wildfire – Now What?

As we are all well aware Google bought Wildfire a while ago. Although there were no official statements about the price, people who are familiar with this field claim that it was around 250 million dollars.

Motivation, Right Attitude and Common Sense: Important Elements in Video Marketing Strategies

Joining the online fray is not easy without a competitive website. By competitive, it means the site must have all the essential elements needed to go head to head with the other online marketers. These elements can be in the form of quality content, such as well-written articles, engaging videos and nice-looking photos of things related to the site’s type of business.

Is Traditional Marketing Dead? Or Is It Just Resting?

I waited a whole week for this post because I didn’t want to rub it in the faces of those mourning the traditional marketing’s death. As you probably know, about a week ago the Harvard Business Review wrote an article saying that marketing is dead.

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