How to Make Your Blog Immune to the New Google Updates

If the last two updates of Google’s algorithm, Panda and Penguin, had any impact on your blog, then you are now looking for ways to recover and to make your own online platform immune to their penalties. Fortunately, there are some techniques that, if you apply them correctly, the blog will escape from the rank lowering caused by either low-quality content (Panda update), or the over-optimized structure (Penguin update). On one hand, the Panda update did a very good job by reducing the rankings of farming websites, where users could submit very low quality content just…

Pinterest App for iPad and Android Review

Facebook dominated photo sharing even a year ago, the advent of Pinterest has totally changed the way you share photos these days. With the Pinterest mobile app, it has added more charm and ease to the entire sharing experience.

Information about a Dental Website for Successful Dentists

Many dentists are starting their own private practice where they get to practice dentistry and provide dental services to the local community. A lot of well trained and experienced dentists have successfully established their very own private clinics where they get to practice their profession.

SEO Turned Around 180 Degrees by Google Panda Update?

The need of re-thinking one’s strategy in the online market is a webmaster’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, there are times when this happens, so even though every web marketer and SEO specialist should do something to be prepared for this; many of them are only taking it in consideration as a last resort. The Panda Update launched by Google in the first quarter of 2011 affected over 12% of the existing websites, penalizing them for not having enough quality content or for showing up a spam appearance.

The Secret Behind the Big Changes on Google’s Algorithm

Why does Google change its algorithm so often? Is it to confuse us, the online marketers so we can’t get websites to rank higher, or has it got other reasons? It is time to face the truth about all the changes Google’s engineers are applying to the ranking algorithm.

Reasons Why Your Business May Need IT Outsourcing Services

So, you want to save on equipment and tools for your business! IT outsourcing services could be right for you. These days, most businesses cannot operate smoothly without the use of computer systems, wireless networks and online marketing.

How to Have an Awesome and Informative Site

I found two websites that were both Awesome and Informative. I related to the first site, Awwwards.com for the best designed websites of the month–the year–and in the world, for 2012. How wonderful that each year there will be more. I was mesmerized, and looked briefly through all of the examples, then went back and studied each one. For the second website I suspect that the non artistically inclined would relate to the more scientific nature of Hongkiat.com. I was fascinated at his “50 Informative Well-Designed Infographics,” but it was only later, when I went back, that I found his website fits more into the category of seemingly Endless information for use in Internet Business. It was awesome.

Reputation Authority: Tactics For Building A Good Name Online

In the past, building a trustworthy brand name can be easily done by simply providing good service to customers and working with traditional media outlets to distribute news about the company. Word of mouth and positive media coverage were enough to give companies a good image, and it was not easy for detractors to expose information that could potentially ruin a company or individual’s reputation – they would have to endure lawsuits, court hearings and unwanted attention from the media after doing so. These days, however, broadcasting damaging information without suffering any consequences is possible, thanks to the…

How Many Times Should You Close?

Closing is the most important part of any sale, online or off. In this article, you’ll learn a couple ways to maximize your success.

Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business is similar to starting a “brick and mortar” business. Online businesses operate on the same principles as conventional business… good products, services or expertise and customer satisfaction. But they find customers in a totally different way. It is the details of how they find and interact with customers that make online businesses so different from conventional businesses… and those details will drive you crazy!

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