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Develop Loyal Customers With Email Marketing

When it comes to businesses raising awareness and maintaining customers, email marketing is one of the most effective (and inexpensive) ways to inform people about new products and generate loyalty among a customer base. Such campaigns can be wildly successful if done correctly, and often defy even the highest of expectations of those running them. Sending out email newsletters generally helps businesses generate leads by increasing traffic and sales within as little as 2 days of a campaign being run.

Is It Really Possible to Make Lots of Money Online?

The real question is not, “Is it possible to make lots of money online?” The question on our minds is really, “Can I make lots of money online?”

How To Drive Holiday Traffic To Your Website

Marketing your website takes work… lots of work. And changing your website’s content is crucial.

Reasons and Benefits Of Using a Marketing Consultant In Your Business

Very often, business owners are too caught-up in the day-to-day details of running the company to be able to see the vastly changed marketing landscape that now surrounds them. Marketing is one of the most important areas of any business these days and without it working well you have little chance of success unless you happen to be selling an in-demand commodity! In this article, I look at some of the benefits of working with a good marketing consultant and the new marketing method which naturally attracts leads and customers to a company rather than bombarding them with sales messages.

Unique Marketing Ideas, Huge Profits Potential

The new eBay store opened in London yesterday and more people joined the self-employed brigade. You too as a business owner must have radical ‘off the wall’ marketing ideas in your arsenal. Whether trading off or online you need hoards of eager buyers to visit your shop or website to exchange money for your products.

Popular Online Deals a Hit With Consumers

Popular online deal sites such as Groupon have high numbers of customers signing up daily. Other sites of this kind are showing similar growth. The way these sites work is that a special deal is offered for only one day. The offer is so great that it is hard to pass up. The customer is happy and the business offering the deal entices new customers to their business. It is a winning situation for all involved.

When Is a Niche Not a Niche?

Discover the true meaning of niche marketing and how to discover a niche for your business. Learn 3 easy steps to find a niche.

What Is Local Internet Marketing?

  With more attention to online business and communications it is necessary and vital for even a local business to take to the Internet for all their products and service marketing needs. More and more individuals are turning to the Internet as a means to search for local goods and services in order to save themselves time and the hassle of driving all over town searching for the service they require. Not only are consumers taking to the internet to find a business or the services that they are looking for, but they are also using…

Why Do I Need a Blog If I Already Have a Website?

Have you seen the Meryl Streep movie, “Julie & Julia”? Did you realize it’s based on a blog!

Be Your Own Marketing Content Copywriter With These 10 Easy Tips

Now that you have done the hard work of bringing visitors to your website, you want to be sure they stay. Good marketing copy – your site’s content – is key in convincing prospective customers to take the action you suggest, for example calling, clicking, or placing an order. Professional content marketing copywriters have expert knowledge in creating quality copy for your site. You can count on attracting and retaining patrons with the specialized skills in search engine optimization (SEO). When you hire a professional, you have assurance that your site will deliver effective content for successful marketing. If hiring a consultant is not in your budget right now, you can get started on your own with these simple tips.

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