How Small Companies Are Competing Successfully and Punching Above Their Weight

Small company equals small resources – especially small budgets – so the internet has been a godsend to small businesses who can now have a similar presence on the net to the large corporates – all it takes is some understanding and commitment. The internet is a great leveller and those that stand out do so because of how well they present themselves and how they address the needs of their customers – not because of how much money they throw at the “problem”. Which raises an interesting point – what exactly is “the problem”? – And how are small companies addressing it effectively?

How To Build A Great Blog

What is the most important thing you need to build a great blog? Well, I would say that everything is needed to build a great blog. Building a good blog is like a chain. Each thing you do to build a blog is a link in your chain. If one link is weak or missing, the whole chain suffers.

Internet Marketing – Is Email Dead?

Email Marketing has long been the darling of Internet Marketers all around the world. In my opinion, Text Message Marketing has greater penetration and vastly superior open rates to Email. With declining open rates in a Mobile Internet environment, will email continue to be relevant?

Website Localisation – Top Tips

Website localisation is being used by growing amounts of companies who are expanding into new markets. Ensuring your website can be accessed and understood by people from different countries is highly important. In this article we will discuss the process in more detail and give you some ideas about how to work out the best markets to enter and people to work with.

How to Create a Landing Page That Converts

Landing pages are essential in directing visitors to take whatever action it is you want them to. Whether it’s selling an online service, product registration, or signing them up to your newsletter, it is advantageous to present this choice to the visitor as soon as possible; to put them in the position to choose (buy or sell, sign up or leave, register or not) early in the game. In this article I want to point out the importance of having a landing page for your website, and also give 20 tips on how to create the perfect landing page for your site.

How To Increase Your Online Conversions

When you are selling products or services online, it always directs to one thing, your sales copy. Once you improve your sales copy, it is no doubt that your sales will increase. You see it interesting to know that there are three main areas in your sales copy that are in charge of charming your customers.

Digital Agency: Unmatched By Its Traditional Competitors

Hiring a digital service agency might be crucial for an organization’s survival as more and more consumers are shifting to digital media as a forum and to connect and communicate with companies. Digital agencies are ready to lead in brand stewardship.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Traffic To Customers

Search engine optimization is a great way to kick start your online marketing. It will help to provide the traffic that your site needs in order to survive, and it is a great way to maximize your exposure with minimizing your cost. The only problem is that in order to be truly successful you will need to take your online marketing one step further.

Creating a Webprofile

The term “webprofile” can be regarded as the online visibility you have to your target audience – your presentation in the online marketplace, i.e. how easy you are to find on the Web. This article suggests how you can create a webprofile to build awareness and lead generation.

Secrets of Longevity in Internet Marketing

When you are in the internet marketing business, I am sure you do not only hope to continue providing services or goods to your subscribers but making sure that you have recurring income as well. What is a business without any earnings? Let me unravel the secrets to your longevity.

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