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5 Skills You Don’t Need to Have an Online Business

There are five skills that you don’t need to have an online business; maybe more. And the funny thing is that they all are used everyday by people who do use the internet to obtain and serve their customers. Maybe this seems like a contradiction to you. It’s not. So what skills can you live without?

How to Find a Niche for Your Online Business

How do you find a niche for your online business? Some say follow the money; and there’s a lot of truth to that. Others say you should choose what your passionate about, and that is certainly a good approach, too. But, both of those things can hold true, but still not make the best choice of niche for you? So what exactly is the most fundamental criterion you should use?

Why Is It a Good Business/Marketing Practice to Have More Than One Web Site?

There is no question about whether or not to have a web site for any size of business. There is no question about one or more pages for a web site. Can you think of benefits of having more than one web site for business?

Internet Success – Desperation Serves No Purpose

I’ve gotta tell you, I know first hand that being desperate impairs your chances of internet success. When first getting started in online business, I was totally clueless. When I was a single mom in my 30′s I was too busy raising my daughter all alone and working 2 jobs to survive to really take notice when Al Gore (smirk) invented the internet.

Advertising Advice and Help Related to Your Niche

This is how I first came across advertising and selected niche websites. How long it took me to set up my first site, sites that helped me along the way and how I indulged into the world of advertising.

Determine Your Goal and Write Something Great

Know why you are writing something and do it well. Follow some or all of the suggestions in this article and you will be well on your way to writing articles that are informative, interesting, and useful.

Article Marketing Success: Learning To Write For A Real Audience

How do you feel about writing for an audience of people who you will probably never meet in person? For a lot of people who write articles for article marketing, it can be a little disorienting.

Google Algorithm Update – Google Sanitizes Websites Based on the Panda and Penguin Algorithms

Has your website been penalized by the Panda and the Penguin Update from Google? Find out what you need to do to overcome this change…

The Power Struggle Between Natural and Paid Search

Keywords form the bedrock of any search campaign, be it for search engine optimization or marketing. When you type in a keyword, two kinds of results will show up in the search engine page: the natural search and the paid search.

Tips and Tricks for Internet Marketing Enthusiasts

It comes as no surprise that successful Internet marketing involves a great deal of effort on your part. Hard work and persistence can help your Internet marketing plan improve your bottom line. You definitely don’t want to overwork while approaching things the wrong way. To be sure of that, practice the tips below to strengthen your Internet marketing.Offer your customers a way to make charitable donations by buying your products. You should make sure to clearly advertise this without being excessive. You do not have to give up a big chunk of your profits to make a difference and to improve your marketing benefits.

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