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Exploring Three Steps To Internet Marketing Success

You have the ability to make money online. And it is not nearly as difficult to do so as you may have thought!

Essentials Needed to Start an Online Business

Many people are now thinking of starting their own business. The number one thing that is preventing them from even starting is the costs. It’s now possible to learn how to start an online business and still keep your costs down to a minimum.

Is Your Sales Message Unethical And Does It Sell?

This article gives a real story about an unethical sales letter and whether it actually sells products or whether it can easily switch-off the reader and provide a no-sale. It details the sales letter’s message and the response it received when launched on the general public.

Copywriting for the Web – Hypnotic Language

This is the third in a three-part series of articles about copywriting for the web. We all know that one of the things that stops web marketers cold in their tracks is learning effective copywriting. There are some simple things to keep in mind when copywriting for the web. In this article, we will explore hypnotic language.

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Renewable Energy Business Thrive

Whether you sell renewable energy products and services to businesses, governments, or residential customers, your prospective customers need to thoroughly understand their benefits, believe in their efficacy, and be convinced that the often higher cost of a renewable (vs. conventional) solution is worth it in the long run. These five marketing/writing projects are proven tools for building your customer/client base by educating and persuading on the benefits, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of your products and services.

How Chicago Teachers Strike Presents a Stark Reminder That Internet Marketing Should Be In Your List

At the time of this article being penned out, Chicago Teachers Strike between the Chicago’s School Board and its striking public school teachers ended with neither side expressing optimism that an agreement was near. In other words, the strike might linger on longer than who knows when.

Black Book To Making Millions

Black Book to Making Millions – Secrets to Online Wealth Revealed: In today’s economy everyone is trying to find a new way to make money and they’re all leading towards the internet. Billions of dollars float around the internet everyday waiting for people to snatch it up.

Four Steps to Increase Your Online Sales on a Shoe String Budget

Have you ever wondered how the greats of online marketing got to command such a huge following? How is it that by crunching the keyboard they can influence people they probably have never met before who live across the world to buy products over the internet? This article intends to articulate ways to get your customers coming to you with minimal yet affordable efforts

Owning a Groupon-Type Site

The recent popularity and success of Groupon-type websites point to one thing: owning such a site is a worthwhile investment. The appeal of this alternative advertising platform is obvious, with benefits ranging from exposure for small businesses to the 50% fee retention for the host site.

The Groupon Business Model

The online business model first executed by Groupon is a lucrative platform for online advertising ventures. To date, more than 500 companies have structured themselves on the Groupon model, and many small businesses stand to benefit from involvement.

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